Julia Lang
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Machame, Tanzania
Brand Consultant
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" I would say as little as possible. I wear and put outfits together out of an impulse. A mood. "

How would you define your personal style?

It’s one of these cliché questions which I don’t really know how to answer... BUT as long as I can think of, I’ve always been drawn to the idea of mixing high fashion with streetwear or just lower price point pieces. A mix of highs and lows. I’ve personally never really been into vintage clothing too much. I like to dress fashion forward and straight from the runway if the 👛 allows. 😬

You have an eclectic career, how would you describe exactly what it is you?

I run my own consulting agency called Julia Lang WORLDWIDE. It’s a multifaceted agency that executes creative strategy, (digital) branding direction, image consulting, and event production for a slew of fashion and lifestyle brands, and individual clients too. A brand or talent tells me what (new) arena they want to step into and I help them to successfully achieve that new branding approach for them. 

You settled in on New York City for your base, what draws you in to the city?

The energy. I have traveled the world and lived in quite a few of different places, but there is no place like NYC. New York City got my heart. It’s the love of my life, until my husband finds me😉. And it also helps my business that there are endless opportunities in this city.

How much planning do you put into each outfit everyday?

I would say as little as possible. I wear and put outfits together out of an impulse. A mood. Unless it’s for Fashion Week abroad where you have to pack and plan strategically, I spend as little as 5min per day to put an outfit together. Simple, et voila, ready to go.

What goes into advising a client of yours during fashion week? What are you trying to achieve with each look?

I am not a stylist. So I don’t really advise my clients about their looks. However, since I do handle their appearances and press features etc. it only makes sense to work with a designer for outfitting if my client is sitting front row at their high-profile fashion show. My clients do often ask me very casually what they should be wearing and I am always happy to give my input. But that’s about it. My role rather involves building relationships between my clients and brands which can lead to anything from a possible collaboration to gifting etc.

When working with a client or brands, are the credentials you’re looking for or would you rather a clean slate?

In my career path, I’ve had it all. I worked with some extremely established individuals and companies, as well as up and coming ones. It’s a great compliment if accomplished talents and brands are seeking my expertise. It automatically says a lot about my work. But then again, it’s also great to be a part of the entire process of constructing and building someone’s brand identity from the ground.

If you could design one piece of clothing what would it be and why?

I’ve actually wanted to start my own line for the longest time now and eventually will one day. It’s hard for me to just pick one piece but it could be a nice coat. I personally love coats and have them in all kind of shapes, fabrics, colors and price points. Therefore a signature Julia Lang coat, might be a great starting point.

What is it you love about fashion in one word?

Non-Verbal-Language (I cheated 😄😂)