Troy Daniels
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Roanoke, VA - United States
Guard, Denver Nuggets
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"They didn’t know much and having money and not knowing much about the off the court aspects of the NBA can hurt you in the long run!"

What’s your impression of the Los Angeles fashion scene so far in your first year?

It’s very different. The style is very different. On the platform I’m on brands really reach out to you to rock their stuff. I have learned since being in LA, that it’s okay to go out on a limb and try different looks. It’s a very fun process and you kind of find out about yourself and your outlook on style. Overall love everything about LA style. It’s a fashion show everyday. It ends up turning into a lifestyle.

How has the shift from a relatively young Phoenix team to a veteran Lakers team affected your day to day approach?

The shift has been very smooth. Obviously there are pros and cons on both sides, but by me being a 7 year vet I literally fit right into this Laker team. I had to look out for my teammates a lot more than I have to now. Just because those guys where young. They didn’t know much and having money and not knowing much about the off the court aspects of the NBA can hurt you in the long run! But I helped out where I could and dropped my experiences with the guys. This vet team in LA is dope. I am able to pull knowledge from others that have been there before me and also share stories that I might have from previous teams with them. On the court it’s a very easy transition everyone knows how to play together as a team and we all know there is one goal and that is to win.

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What is your favorite game day type fit?

My favorite game day fit is something very comfortable but also stylish. Could be a hoodie and some jeans or a button up and some nice velour pants with designer shoes. Accessories to me are very important too. Nice subtle chains and bracelets, Maybe a nice hat, Something that complements the outfit. Those type of things to me are nice game day outfits.

Is there an unspoken competition with your current teammates of who comes in looking the freshest before a game?

I don’t think there are any unspoken competitions but I will say everybody keeps each other on their toes. We all know you can’t just walk in locker room wearing anything! Kuz keeps me wearing questionable stuff. His style fits him but he goes on a limb sometimes having guys wondering what was he thinking. I think that’s good because he make it looks good and that’s what style is all about.. it’s not really what other people think it just shows how creative and open your mind is. And to me that’s what style is.

How do you go about deciding what to wear on game day?

I have a stylist but me and her collab on what looks good with what. So she will pull a lot pieces and I will try on various things and we make a decision. It’s a very fun process. It’s really two creative minds collaborating to bring a master piece together.

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Who’s style do you most admire across the league?

I am a huge fan of PJ Tucker’s style. We talk about his shoe collection a lot but his outfits are fire! Also like Chris Paul’s outfits. I Love Kuz’s outfits, like I said before it fits him. It’s creative and out there but it’s a masterpiece! It’s like a painting that you don’t know quite what it is but you know there’s something there and it ends up being a 1 of 1 that sells for thousands of dollars.

If you could be involved in one aspect of fashion design what would you focus on?

I would focus on creativity. There are a lot of brands out there that look the same. I would try for different and help people unleash their overall fashion ideas and bring them to life. It would be designs and art incorporated in the clothing and the pieces. Also I would have a line where we focus on cleaning up nice as far as your suit game. Every man should have a nice suit game too.